• Are You Planning a
    Microsoft Azure® Project?

    Would you like to be assisted by an affordable team?
    Do you need to outsource the whole project?

    Let us support you while architecting, designing, developing, and maintaining your Microsoft Azure® solutions.

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  • Migrating to Microsoft 365?

    We can support you while moving to the cloud!  We provide architectural patterns, identity federation services, design of hybrid scenarios, and full migration.

    We can transform your business solutions into Microsoft 365 solutions to make your flight to the cloud in first class.

  • Is Your Sharepoint® Solution Working In The Right Way?

    Are you sure to get the best out of your Enterprise CMS?
    Are your servers fast? Are there any areas of improvement?

    Let our SharePoint® Certified Experts check your servers and give you the best solution for solving all your problems.

We are Microsoft certified experts

During the last 15 years our team achieved the most important Microsoft Certification on SharePoint® and development technologies, including:

We write best-seller books to learn Microsoft technologies

Paolo Pialorsi, founder and CEO of PiaSys, is a well-known books author. He wrote several books for Microsoft Press about .NET, XML, Language Integrated Query, Windows 8, and SharePoint®, and Office 365.

Want to develop new applications for your Enterprise?

PiaSys works together with the DevLeap group of professionals, which are focused on providing consulting and development services in the fields of .NET and Universal Windows Platform Development. Feel free to contact us to analyze your requirements and define a custom proposal for implementing an architectural prototype or a complete software solution.