About Us

PiaSys is a dynamic consulting company, made up of smart people, devoted to technology, research and development of excellent software solutions.

We perform consulting activities focused on design and implementation of software applications based on Microsoft technologies. We are specialized in building ECM / WCM solutions with Microsoft SharePoint®, collaboration and modern work solutions with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva. We have deep expertise on adoption and extensibility of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

We organize, sponsor and speak at the best IT conferences on regular basis.

From our Team

Paolo Pialorsi

Paolo Pialorsi

Founder & Solution Architect

Paolo is the founder of PiaSys.
He's a consultant, trainer, book author and speaker at the best international conferences about Microsoft technologies.

He writes articles for IT magazines, authored several books for Microsoft Press (the latest is "Programming Microsoft Office 365") and posts regularly in his technical blog.

Paolo passed more than 50 Microsoft certification exams about Windows, .NET, Azure, SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft 365, including the Microsoft Certified Solutions Master - Charter SharePoint.

Microsoft Certified Master on SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Microsoft Certified IT Professional Microsoft Certified Trainer Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist