SharePoint® Technical Training

Learn how to leverage SharePoint from the best trainers and authors available in the international market. We can provide traning services for SharePoint Developers, IT Professionals, Designers, or Power Users.

Our training services are provided on-site, at your favorite location, with a table of contents tailored based on your real business needs. If you prefer to attend a training outside of your company, do not hesitate to contact us directly. Moreover – on a monthly basis – we also provide on-line training services for people attending from all over the world (adhering to various time frames: GMT, Pacific Time, East Coast Time).


Our trainers

Paolo Pialorsi

Paolo Pialorsi

Microsoft Certified Master on SharePoint
Microsoft Certified Trainer Alumni


Our rates

On Site

1 day € 2 000 | $ 2 000
1 workweek € 10 000 | $ 10 000
2 workweeks € 20 000 | $ 20 000

We offer our services worldwide. The rates are exclusive of travel costs.