Episode #123 – Setting up a Microsoft 365 EDU Tenant

Here you can find the transcript of Episode #123 of PiaSys TechBites.

Welcome back to PiaSys Tech Bites. Today, we keep on talking about how to set up a Microsoft 365 EDU Tenant and specifically in order to do that, you need to register a custom DNS domain name for your school. You have to register a trial license of Microsoft 365 EDU as we saw in the previous episode. And then you need to use the admin UI of Microsoft 365 to register your custom DNS domain name as well as you will use the same admin UI to open a ticket in order to request the upgrade to a full Education Tenant license for your Microsoft 365 EDU Tenant. Moreover, you will also need to configure users such as teachers and staff and faculty, and you will have to configure classes and teams. We will cover today the first part of the story, and in the next episode, we will see how to sync users, teachers, and stuff like that. So, let’s move to the demo environment and let’s configure, let’s set up the Microsoft 365 EDU Tenant.

So, here we are in the admin portal of the demo Education Tenant that I created and showed you in the previous episode. And now I want to configure a custom domain. So, I already registered a custom domain called myschool.mobi in GoDaddy, or you can use whatever provider you like to do that and I’m going to configure my Tenant accordingly. So, I can go to show all of the settings and click on settings, domains, in here I can add the custom domain. My custom domain will be myschool.mobi. I will use this domain. The Office 365 management UI is able to understand that it is hosted under GoDaddy. So, I can use an automatic verification process. By clicking on verify, I will have to authenticate with my GoDaddy credentials, I can connect and by doing that, Microsoft 365 will use a set of APIs with the actual configuration and verification of the domain for me.

And that’s it. So, I can just click on these more options if I want to see what I want to do, but I can let Microsoft add my DNS records, which is the recommended option. So I will click on continue and the settings will be configuring in my target Tenant, by Microsoft 365, by the admin UI of Microsoft 365. So I can simply click on add DNS records and my target DNS zone will be configured accordingly. Of course, I need to consent to apply those settings to my target DNS zone. So, once I’ve done that, my domain is fully configured. I can click on done and now I can use user accounts in myschool.mobi Tenant. Once I’ve done that, I can go to the support section and I can create a new service request. I can search for a specific topic, but I can also create a new ticket by clicking right here.

And by doing that, let me first make a request like, I’d like to upgrade to full EDU license. Let me search for it and once I’ve seen the search results, I can click on this button, contact support, and I can send my request, which will be whathever you like something like, please upgrade my Trial Tenant to a real full EDU Tenant. You will provide your contact information and that’s it. You will wait for few hours or days and you will get your Trial Tenant upgraded to a full Microsoft 365 Education Tenant. Like always thank you for watching this video. I hope you found it interesting and I’m really looking forward to seeing you next week and remember to subscribe to this channel. Thank you.