I’m Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2013

I’m speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2013 and I’m delighted to be a part of this fantastic gathering of the SharePoint Community, Feb 4-7 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I will be conducting three sessions – “Remote Event Receivers in SharePoint 2013“, “Consuming SharePoint 2013 from Windows 8 Apps” both aimed at developers and Deploying SharePoint on Windows Azure VMs aimed at IT Professionals.

Remote Event Receivers in SharePoint 2013

Remote Event Receivers are a new feature of SharePoint 2013, which allows creating business solutions and Apps leveraging a WCF-based communication model. The communication can happen between SharePoint 2013 and external software components, or against SharePoint 2013 Apps. This new feature introduces a great potential for all those business software solutions that need to integrate with SharePoint, triggering actions related to users’ actions. In this session we will cover the architecture of Remote Event Receivers, as well as how to develop them.

There will also be advanced considerations about reliability, security and hosting of Remote Event Receivers.

Consuming SharePoint 2013 from Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 introduces the new App model to develop Windows Store Apps. SharePoint 2013 introduces a new set of APIs, as well as an OData service to consume its data. The conjunction of these technologies enables easily creating Windows 8 Apps to consume SharePoint 2013 and interact with data and features hosted inside SharePoint 2013. In my session you will learn, by practical examples, how to develop a Window 8 App that consumes (read and write) a set of items stored in SharePoint 2013 and that will interact with a SharePoint 2013 process/workflow.

Deploying SharePoint on Windows Azure VMs

Microsoft Windows Azure is now a cloud offering including an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. SharePoint, both versions 2010 and 2013, are solution frameworks that need to be hosted in server farms with an articulated logical and physical topology. You can benefit from the new IaaS offering from Windows Azure, using it to host SharePoint farms for production environments, as well as for labs.
In this session, we will examine how to design, deploy and maintain a SharePoint farm on Windows Azure VMs. Specific considerations apply in this field. The session will focus on a real case study, which publishes a CMS/WCM solution on a highly available farm hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure.

I am speaking alongside renowned experts on SharePoint as well as sharing the stage with some of Microsoft’s product team from Redmond covering Search, Apps, Social, Cloud, Project, Migration & Upgrade, Governance and much more.

With over 110 SharePoint sessions, keynotes, hands on labs, SharePoint Shootouts, ask the experts, community lounge, tutorials, Europe’s largest SharePoint focused expo, SharePints, parties, meetings, networking events, competitions and more…. this is a MUST attend event for all SharePoint enthusiasts! Check out the full conference Programme>> to see all sessions and topics that are being covered by myself and many others.