My book “Programming Office 365” is out!

I’m very happy to announce that my latest book “Programming Microsoft Office 365” published by Microsoft Press is out and available on book stores!
For example, you can find it on Amazon, or on Microsoft Press.
The main topics covered are:

  • Overview of Microsoft Office 365, and development/extensibility areas.
  • Microsoft Graph API, at the raw/REST level.
  • Understanding Azure AD, OAuth, OpenID Connect and how to consume the Microsoft Graph securely.
  • How to consume the Microsoft Graph API using .NET and low level HTTP requests, targeting: mail, calendar, contacts, users, groups, Office 365 Groups, and files.
  • How to consume the Microsoft Graph API in .NET with the new Microsoft Graph SDK for .NET.
  • How to consume the REST API of SharePoint Online.
  • Creating an Office 365 Application that consumes both the Microsoft Graph and the SharePoint Online REST API.
  • Using Office UI Fabric to customize the UI of yout Office 365 Applications.
  • How to leverage the main guidance, samples, and patterns from SharePoint/Office 365 Developer Patterns & Practices.
  • How to create an Office Add-in that uses the Microsoft Graph to provide rich functionalities to end users.
  • How to publish your apps using the Microsoft Store

All of the code samples – related to the book – are available through the Microsoft Press Store site, at the following URL. Moreover, and if you like, you can find the code samples on GitHub, in the various repository of Office Dev PnO.
Here you can find the list of the available samples:

Current Book Service

The book embraces the Current Book Service model, which allows me (the author) to keep the book updated in electronic format, and which allows you – as the reader – to read a continuously updating book, which will follow the evolution of the target product. In fact, we will ship three updates within the next 18 months after the first release of the book, and you will be able to stay on track refreshing and updating your knowledge accordingly to the growth of Microsoft Office 365.